"What You Want"
Stretch Silvester
Playtime Records - PLY003
Release Date: 05 Dec 2005

Hey princess!

You want a club anthem? A real screaming, stamping, men breaking down and crying, k-casualties leaping suddenly back to life, the shirts-off boys in the corner finally shutting up about "Can you play a little Kylie?" and even your mum tapping her foot and going, "Oh, I actually quite like this one"? Well, you've got to roll your own, or so we say at Playtime the club.

The biggest tracks at our club night in London have always been our residents'. They take whatever bleeps, farts, twitches and starts, smutty vocal samples and cut-ups they can find hanging around the studio and turn them into sweet, sweet music. Or they get bored with the sweet thing and turn out a burping monster like "What You Want", one of the biggest tracks at the club for some months now, and the first solo track by our resident Stretch Silvester.

Remember Stretch and Vern? Got lost to the Sucker DJs? Had hands in the air to Paradise Soul? Stretch is part of all those duos but this is his first release all on his own. Track one is the original - an lolloping, bleepy monster. Track two is a more urgent, pulsing remix from Mike Monday. Both must be played loud!



Written and Produced by Stuart Collins and Michael Mukhopadyay
Published Copyright Control/MMMusic Ltd (Bucks Music Group)
(P)(C) 2005 Playtime Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd