Hannah Holland
Playtime Records - PLY011

What is Playtime? For the press it was "one of the best labels to come out of 2005" (DJ), or "the label of the moment" (One Week to Live), and the record label that bought you Mike Monday's debut, Smorgasbord, an IDJ album of the year and a "classic" (One Week to Live). For clubbers it was the first night to bring Claude von Stroke and Abe Duque to the UK - "one of clubland's finest inventions" (DJ) and "the last mixed club left standing" (TNT).

But mainly it was a bit of wonky fun - one of few labels of its time waving the flag for wonkier electronic music. So as it relaunches over the next few months, look out for off-kilter new raves and remixes from Hannah Holland, Riva Starr, a little mechnical jazz from Germany's Andre Crom, Luke Solomon, Worthy and Yankee Zulu, the Lost Cowboy, and our original Big Daddy and of course Mike Monday - who incidentally, will be headlining the relaunch of the club on Fri Sep 26 at the newly-returned-to-house Bar Rumba (and whose new album, out next month, manages to be both wonky and wonderfully serious. Check out playtime the club here and the official launch party at Wet Yourself, London, Oct 12).

But for now, it's Banshee, by BuggedOut and Trailer Trash's Hannah Holland, London's queen of batty bass. It's a slinky, knowing nod to the rave - but not as you knew it - with a deeper, more overwhelming Mike Monday mix ...


"DOPE!" - Style of Eye

"Mike's remix is great" - Rob Mello

"Sickkkkkkk!!!!!" - Worthy

"Love it!" - D.Ramirez

"I'll hammer them" - Paco

"Cool!" - Crookers

"Awesome. I will hammer this everywhere" - Laurent Garnier

"Really good" - Brodinski

"Great stuff!" - Fil OK

"Bouncy and hot" - Luke Solomon

"Amazing stuff" - Tomboy

"Nice" - Rodomaal

"Thanks! Love the original" - Zdar

"Lovin' the original" - Cormac

"Particularly feeling the Mike Monday mix" - Philip Sherburne


Written and produced by Hannah Holland
Engineered by Stefano Ritteri
Additional Production on Track 2 by Michael Mukhopadhyay
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C) 2008 Playtime Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd