"Jazz Thang"
Andre Crom
Playtime Records - PLY013

Here at Playtime HQ we carry a little torch for Andre Crom. Sure, he's released on Safari Electronique and Sender and Veryverywrongindeed and Leftroom. And sure he gets big doe-eyed love from Hawtin and Magda and all those guys. But what we really like is the feel of his stuff - unforced, criminally interesting, and very weird and wonky. Plus he says his "band" is "the 101, 303, 808, 909, the 1210s - and the voices in my head". And that he's only DJing until "I manage to win the lottery".

So pretty much the perfect producer for Playtime, where not only do we like weird and wonky music, but we're also hanging on to a grubby lottery ticket with a desperate smile.

Check out Andre's new track, and the third release for the new Playtime - Jazz Thang / Gettin' Funky, with an absolute killer Riva Starr remix that puts out all the stops and clunks them straight back in again. It's one of our favourite things he's done, and we've been watching him very closely since his early days on Dirtybird and Frontroom...


2 x plays on Pete Tong, as well as plays on Galaxy UK, JJJ Australia, Play'house radio Belgium, Radio FG Paris, Sonnett77 Germany, VIVA95 Greece, Turkey.

"Massive" - Tommie Sunshine

"Really nice" - Marcus Vector

"Loving all the tracks here" - Jimpster

"Love the Riva remix" - D.Ramirez

"Shows a new side to Andre" - Alland Byallo

"I love the Riva Starr remix" - Tocadisco

"Outrageous funk!" - IDJ

"Very good" - Karotte

"Full support" - Shir-I-Khan

"Love it" - Zombie Disco squad

"Proper" - Tom Middleton

"Really love it" - Rainer @ Great Stuff

"Spot on" - Laidback Luke

"Awesome" - KISS FM

"Cool" - Tenaglia

"Cool techy business" - DJ Mag


Written and produced by Andre Crom.
Remix and additional parts by Stefano Miele / Riva Starr.
Published Copyright Control.
(P)(C) Playtime Records 2008.
Look normal, they must suspect nothing.