"Horn Rash"
Nick Verwey
Playtime Records - PLY016
Release Date: 24 Aug 2009

It's the first unsolicited release we've ever accepted for Playtime, but it's sooooooooooo much fun.

Nick Verwey is an Australian producer who, like Claude von Stroke, turned out his first few wonky tracks on surprisingly old-school technology - in CVS's case Reason, and in Nick's case Fruityloops. He started out making his own tracks to play out at a few Melbourne residencies, and his take on the brassy, funky and wonky sound - the oldschool vocal snippets, the horn section, the stumbling rhythm of Horn Rash? Well, we think he's a bit of a talent.

Which is why we've paired him this time round with Belgian wonderkid Tom Dazing, another talent and the remixer for Honey Dips. This is not music that will ever be Beatport-approved (TM), but it's as infectious as hell, as unserious and as serious as you like, and Tom's got the production chops to throw in everything but the kitchen sink - though in this case, he's thrown that in too, and a couple of them at that. This one is firmly in Playtime's tradition of "WTF?" remixing - a curveball as strange as the much-loved "bouncy bouncy" U&K remix of Mike Monday's Zum Zum.


"VERY good all of the them.." - Severino Panzetta

"I like the orig mixes... great grooves...." - Jesse Rose

"Honey dips rocks. 4am business:)" - Lee Pattison (Deepgroove)

"Honey Dips (Original Mix) is a great Track! i think i will play them..." - Lars Wickinger

"love the original !!! oldscool like i love" - Zdar (Cassius)

"Horn rash is great." - JD Twitch

"I like the package! Horn Rash my fav" - Riva Starr

"Great release, all trax absolutely rockin." - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"Crazy and f^cked up. Brilliant!" - Greg Churchill

"Liking horn rash the most! great bottom chugger!" - Tim Green (TG)

"Very nice EP... we like all the tracks especially the a1" - Abnormal Boyz

"Sick tracks! On it." - Tedd Paterson

"What a great tune tom dazing mix get yer wobble on :)" - Marco Smith

"Woosh - like it a lot" - Grayson Shipley (Idiotproof)

"Despite risking the entire club emptying the contents of their bowels onto the dancefloor as a result of the ridiculously trouser shaking bass, I am COMPLETELY LOVING "Honey Dips". I'll just have to bring a mop with me when I play it." - Mike Monday

"Full support!!" - Yankee Zulu

"The guy is one to watch, all track really strong. Great release!" - Si.Mac

"Probably my favourite Playtime so far. Both in the arsenal for Glade this weekend." - Joe Roberts

"Great release, love the Tom Dazing remix too, ive played a few of his records, thanks!" - Matt Walsh (Trailer Trash)

"3 twisted little numbers, will be supporting all these bad boys!" - Oli Cassidy (Filth & Splendour)

"Go Playtime! I missed you like a newborn misses his mother's nipple!" - Dan Cat

"Nice release - Horn Rush is my favorite, minimal funk at its best." - Filterwolf

"'Horn Rash' is fan-bloody-tastic. Tune of the week for sure." - Our House Magazine

"Horn Rash! Incredible groove! 10/10!" - DJ Orion

"Honey Dips is the one for me - bass-shaking." - Chris Power

"Honey Dips is my fave. This EP is quite a classic in the making." - Only For DJs Magazine

"Sick and a little bit twisted, just how i likes it. Full support." - Paul Hamill (BBC Ulster)

"Wonky is the way forward" -

"yeah..this is FUN...cheeky!! horn rash is a it!" - Mike McKenna (Discoscience)

"I love the music that might not ever be Beatport approved!" - Christian Pandonis (A Big Night Out)

"Oooh...this is a killer tune and sounds nothing like most of Australia at the moment. The original is a building monster. I love it. The remix gives it a bit more housey feel to it and don't ask me why but I think creepier feel in the best way possible. Honey Dips JUST KILLS. This has floor destroyer written all over it. I love it and I'm all over it." - The POP! Stereo


Written and Produced by Nick Verwey.
Published by Musiqware Publishing.
(P)(C) 2009 Playtime Records.
Look normal. They must suspect nothing.