Dan Cat
Playtime Records - PLY017
Release Date: 14 Sep 2009

They were a brilliant London duo while they lasted. But the artistic differences that split the Catz were a bit more extreme than those of the average duo - a near car crash in France that almost took out a writer for DJ magazine, one person drinking for four, fistfights in Ibiza, cross-dressing, and a few hundred too many Sundays spent at London's endless afterparty scene.

Thankfully, even after falling so far off the wagon you get run over by the wagon following, you can still come back. Dan vanished for a year, found love (and a lot of odd samples), came back, and this is the first of a set of new releases - the deep, wonky, and groovy Winterslow, with a shufflier Max Cooper remix. If you think you had the Catz sound picked, this one is going to be a serious surprise.


"Liking the original. Very funky." - Shir Khan

"Max Cooper mix is wicked, crazy breakdown!" - Matt Walsh

"original mix is cool, a filthy little vibe." - Steve Parry (Juice FM)

"Damn... This has got the funk!" - Yankee Zulu

"Slinky sexy stuff - we like ;)" - Grayson Shipley

"It's the original mix all the way for me but i'm liking Coopers take on it." - Raymundo Rodriguez

"This is great mr" - Cormac (Trailertrash)

"Simply brilliant release that sounds like a man who's got his mojo back." - Joe Roberts

"This is killer!" - Luke Solomon

"Max Cooper remix is a deep groover. Will deffo support!" - Francis Preve

"The twisted original is a surething for me, although like the Max Cooper mix to." - Parham

"Love Max Cooper's remix... a superstar in the making" - Harry Avers

"Max Cooper rmx is awesome, for sure i play this, yes!" - F.E.X.

"Cooper mix strong." - DJ Rocky (X-Press 2)

"Good stuff...original is my fav!" - Severino

"Two fabulous mixes, very good" - Nick Warren

"Max Cooper remix all the way, so chunky and funky, loving it!" - Paul Hazendonk

"Really love this! I love the disco vibe that Dan Cat brings to the wonky and wobbly tech sounds. The the Max Cooper remix comes in with a real bang! really solid dancefloor groove and most definitely funky. Love the scratchy, windy build up.. and the drop... just perfect!" - Casey (Pulse Radio)

"The remix is great" - FC Kahuna

"Max Cooper mix is a Bomb!!" - Erwin Kelemen

"Love Winterslow" - George Demure

"How could you look normal enjoying this lol. v kool..." - Stuart Millar

"WOW ! The Max Cooper is da Bomb. Support from" - Marinelli

"This is just the record to cool off to here in Florida. Love that build up in the original mix...Ace stuff. Love the remixes sort of house vibe but still has a sense of clinical coolness about it. Wobbly bassline kills. Top tune." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)


Written and Produced by Dan Gerrett
Published by Musiqware Publishing.
(P)(C) 2009 Playtime Records.
Look normal. They must suspect nothing.