Playtime Records - PLY018
Release Date: 26 Oct 2009

Dinamoe is Rico Püstel, a German producer and live act. With a discogs list as long as your arm, he’s had tracks already on Archipel, the wonderfully named Fabulesque!, Only, Test Tube, Alpaca, Phil Week’s wonderful Robsoul, and a host more. His first producing steps were with an Amiga, trying as a teenager to preserve and re-create his own personal visions and situations.

Which for Playtime is a quite deep. Round here, the scenes we mainly try to re-create involve custard pies, clowns, and the occasional bananaskin...


"Awesome stuff!" - Justin Martin

"Loving both cuts on this....." - Luke Solomon

"Always had a soft spot for nurses. Will def play her." - Lee Pattison (Idiotproof)

"Ooo yeah!! Love both tracks! Mega!" - Mistress De Funk

"Love DINAMOE. Have been playing some of his older tunes. NURSE! and ZIMB are excactly my style at the moment. Playtime is a great label to put out so much goddam funky house music. Support in da club and Radio Fritz." - Shir Khan

"Nurse is a great track, tech house with balls!" - Matt Walsh (BuggedOut!)

"Nurse will be a bomb!" - Michel De Hey

"Zimb definitely sounds like something that can rock a spot if you got 'em in the right place, waiting for something just like this." - Alland Byallo (Kontrol)

"Zimb is crazy, great track!" - Max Cooper

"I like the Jazz Nurse" - Laurent Garnier

"Nurse! - is a special funny track for the silly minutes on the floor!" - Lars Wickinger

"Love this! Rollin jackin vibes" - Rachel Barton (Pete Tong Show)

"Funky flute action on zimb, love, will get the show workout!" - Peter Canell (Radio 3rrr Melbourne)

"Hahah. Love the fact that this is deep for Playtime. Both tracks do the business." - Jimmy Posters (Pulse Radio)

"I'm feeling "Nurse".....nice take on the funky minimal sound that's hot right now." - Deron Delgado (Stompy)

"Fabulesque indeed. Jack trax of the highest order." - Joe Roberts (DJ Magazine)

"Ooh, nice and funky and slinky, particularly Zimb." - Bruce Tantum (Time Out New York)


Written and Produced by Rico Püstel.
Published by Musiqware Publishing.
(P)(C) 2009 Playtime Records (Musiqware Ltd).
Look normal. They must suspect nothing.